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Fugenboy multitool fugeværktøj - gør fugeopgaven nemmere med et solid stykke fugeværktøj. Kan anvendes både til glitning og skrabning af fuge

The tiling service Hermann Pribil Fliesengeschäft was established by the tiler Hermann Pribil in March 1977.

The founder was not only a competent and reputable master tiler, he soon became a highly-respected expert on sealing with silicone among his colleagues too.

From 1982, he carried out jointing work using silicone almost exclusively for other tilers and made the perfect joint his core business.

He had already started to develop a tool for creating extremely precise silicone joints exceptionally quickly in the 70s and continued to test, improve and finally perfect this tool over the years.

After many years of testing, the result was  registered for patent approval in 1993, which was finally confirmed in 1996

(Patent no. 4 312 985).

Our family-run company only uses high-quality plastics made in Germany for the Fugenboy and pays particular attention to the expected and consistent quality of this tool, which was developed with great experience and extreme care so that you too can produce joints to a professional standard.

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