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Sabaclean 48 - 1Ltr.
Sabaclean 48 - 1Ltr.

SABA Sabaclean 48 - 1Ltr.

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Sabaclean 48 can be used on many different surfaces as well as a thinner for several solvent-based adhesives and sealants.

  • Cleaning of adhesive surfaces before sealing or bonding.
  • Effective cleaning of sealing equipment.
  • Removal of adhesive residues.


Sabaclean 48 - Universal Cleaner and Degreaser

Cleaner for cleaning joint and adhesive surfaces before applying sealant or adhesive. Can be used with most sealants and adhesives. Effective on many materials such as concrete, cement, brick, metals, and plastics. See more about the application on the individual sealant and adhesive.

Application, Preparation & Post-Treatment

The product is applied to a cloth, and joint and adhesive surfaces are wiped over. The surface dries within a few minutes and is ready for further processing.


The product should only be used on surfaces that can tolerate solvents.


SABA adhesives & Sealants er storproducent af både almindelig og specialfugemasse, som brandfugemasse, fugemasse til marine branchen, primere. o.l. produkter.

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